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 Hi and welcome to our site. We appreciate the visit.

My name is Mark Pflug, owner of Opportunity Knocks, Inc. and, and I love maps! My fascination with drawing and cartooning comes from the years I served on board the U.S. Navy’s nuclear submarine force. For days on end, we would "poke" holes in the water, and to pass the time, I began drawing. Believe me, six-months out to sea gave me lots of time to draw.


Owner Bio

Mark Pflug is the sole owner and creator of Since 1992, Mark has been in the business of making maps. Prior to entering the world of cartoon maps, Mark led a truly blessed and inspiring life as he served his country for 10 years in the armed services. A disabled veteran and decorated sailor of the U.S. Navy, Mark served for 10 years in the military and graduated from the Naval Nuclear Power School. He earned his submarine warfare "dolphins" while on board the U.S.S. Pogy (SSN 647) special projects nuclear attack submarine. Mark obtained the rank of E-6 and was qualified as a senior nuclear engineering operator and radiological supervisor for Pearl Harbor, HI.

After receiving his honorable discharge from active duty, Mark graduated from Burlington County College with his associate’s degree with emphasis in Business and Mathematics. Mark graduated Magna Sum Laude with a 4.0 GPA and was recognized in Who’s who in American Colleges and Universities. The State Legislation of New Jersey honored Mark for his academic excellence, and he was awarded the Peterson Scholarship for business. Furthering his education, Mark continued his studies at the University of Utah. Mark earned his second degree, a bachelor's in Mathematics. Going one more step, Mark worked hard and completed his master of science degree at Purdue University. Honors and awards include: Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society and the Golden Key National Honor Society.

During all this academic vigor, Mark was still able to produce over 170 cartoon maps around the country. Working with major radio stations like WMGK in Philadelphia and Citadel Broadcasting Company in Salt Lake City, Mark was able to successfully merge radio promotion and cartoon maps in an unprecedented fashion.

Mark's company, Opportunity Knocks, Inc., is the originator of the Treasure Hunt Contest where thousands and thousands of dollars in prizes have been generated using the cartoon map as a media platform. Over the years, Opportunity Knocks, Inc. has been recognized for success, including Best Practices award by Thomson Newspapers and the prestigious Vision Award for independent map producers.

In 2002, was launched and has experienced continued growth in Internet traffic. Interactive maps are profiled online with direct web links to map sponsors. In the spring of 2005, the Cartoon Map Affiliate program was initiated with immediate positive results. Entrepreneurs around the country have joined the family of and are producing their own citys’ cartoon map.

We are actively seeking entrepreneurs to start their own business in the cartoon map industry!